Your Newest Dating Nightmare Is "Mosting" & I'm Already Over It

Honestly, I've chosen a life of solitude for a reason, and this is the reason!

A little background, ghosting, do you know what ghosting is?

^not that kind of ghost

Ghosting: when someone cmpletely drops off the face of the earth after you've been dating and cuts off all communication

It really blows. 

Well now we all have to worry about "mosting." What is "mosting" you ask?

"Mosting" is a meaner version of ghosting-- it's when someone purposefully lays groundwork telling you everything you want to hear and convincing you that you're the one and then proceeds to ghost you. 

It's awful tbh.

It's worse than ghosting because you've been led to believe you have a special connection and then poof, nothing!

Dating and relationship experts have said it's common among men who are looking for a quick and easy hook up so ladies, beware!!



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