Toys R' Us Could Be Shutting Down For Good This Week!

At one time, Toys R' Us was an $11 billion dollar retailer and now, the toy store mega chain could be closing all of its doors and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation as early as this week. In recent years Toys R' Us hasn't been able to keep up with retailers such as Amazon, Walmart & even Target.

Toys R Us Getty Images

Over the years Amazon, Walmart and other major retailers have been able to offer the same toys at a steeper discount, ultimately sealing the fate of Toys R' Us. It's a sad day for parents and kids alike who grew up with a trip to Toys R' Us as a special treat or reward for good grades, a special achievement or other positive milestones in a child's life. Experts are also predicting a possible overseas invasion of toy retailers should Toys R' Us officially disappear. 

Source: USA Today   



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