McDonald's Bringing Back Szechaun Sauce

Okay, this sauce caused riots before so we all need to behave this time okay!

Szechaun sauce caused a literal uprising due to a lack of supply before so now McDonalds is bringing it back & making sure they have enough!

The sauce was first made popular in 1998 when it was used to promote Disney's Mulan and then again when it was featured in the sci-fi cartoon Rick & Morty prompting a petition of almost 40,000 signatures to bring back the sauce.

Well it was actual chaos because McDonalds didn't have enough and then issued this statement, "We did not anticipate the overnight crowds, the cross-state travel and the amazing curiosity, passion and energy fans showed. Our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet that demand. We disappointed fans and we are sorry."

You can get your hands on it in just 3 days!!! (Feb 26) But let's remember to not be animals and be nice to each other because it's just sauce :) 



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