The 411: Sam Hunt Headed For Indy 500

Sam Hunt Headlining The Indy 500

Sam Hunt is bringing Body Like A Backroad to Indianapolis to headline the fifth annual Firestone Legends Day concert on May 26th. Tickets prices will increase come March 1st but for now they range from $35 to $75. Grab your tickets now at

"IT" Sequel Coming In September

Stephen King is at it again with a sequel to his classic horror flick with IT: Chapter Two slated for theaters this September. The sequel will take place 27 years later with a full cast of now adults determined to once and for all kill the demonic clown who haunted their teen years. Two time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain is rumored to be in talks for the key role of Beverly Marsh which should, if it comes to fruition, elevate the cast potentially drawing more A-listers. 

Celebrities Step Up For The March For Our Lives

George & Amal Clooney are leading the celebrity charge by joining the young people & donating half a million dollars to help pay for the March For Our Lives happening on March 24th in Washington DC to protest gun violence in schools & demand new legislation. Shortly after the Clooney's stepped up, Oprah jumped in matching their donation!


And shortly after that, iconic director Steven Spielberg and his wife Kate Capshaw, along with veteran studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg and his wife Marilyn all pledged to donate $500,000 themselves. 

Sally Field Is Trying To Set Up Her Son With Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon

All moms are embarrassing, even famous ones. Sally Field's 30 year old son Sam shared a text conversation between him & his mother via Twitter where Sally encouraged her son to "find a way" to make it happen with the 28 year old Olympic figure skater.


Then Sally took it one step further, jumping on twitter HERSELF to tag Adam Rippon in the conversation between her & her son which her son Sam responded as any embarrassed child would.  


Well the latest development is Sam DM'd Adam to apologize for his mother and Adam responded! Apparently the door is open for a potential meet up!!! (winky face)



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