The 411: Disney Parks Cause Major Upset

Disney Theme Parks Raise Prices Almost 10%

Well if it wasn't already impossible to go to Disney, they've just insured it'll be even more difficult by raising the prices of some of its single day tickets almost 10%. Here is a quick list of the major ticket price changes.

- Peak 1 day single park tickets in CA: rose from $124 to $135  

- Value and regular 1 day tickets in CA: rose form $97 to $117

- 1 day tickets to Magic Kingdom in Florida: rose 2%-4% ranting from $109-$129

Kim Cattrall Slams Sarah Jessica Parker

Honestly what the hell happened? Kim Cattrall is not dealing with Sarah Jessica Parker even a little bit. Cattrall's brother Chris was found dead last week in Canada and SJP offered her condolences to which Cattrall totally went in. Peep her Instagram below which is kinda hard to ignore if you're SJP. SJP hasn't responded btw.


Mirai Nagasu Is The First American To Land Triple Axel At The Olympics

USA, USA, USA!! Hooray!! Some good news as Mira Nagasu of Team USA became the first U.S. female figure skater to nail a triple axel during an Olympic competition. It's amazing, watch below!!


Amanda Bynes Is Back On Twitter

Amanda Bynes returned to Twitter this weekend after a 10 month hiatus with a simple tweet and picture of dinner with girlfriends over the weekend. She appears to be enjoying herself in the photo but no word on whether she'll be returning to Hollywood any time soon, despite her interview last summer where she expressed her desire to return to acting. 



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