Girl Scout Sold $1500 Worth of Cookies Where?

This girl is a genius. 


So what is Urban Leaf you ask? A pot shop in San Diego, CA. 

Above is a brilliant little girl scout whose father said she set up shop outside this pot shop and sold more than 300 boxes in six hours earning over $1500.00.

Some people however have found fault with this business model calling it inappropriate.

The founder of Urban Leaf, Will Senn said, “We were definitely surprised by the controversy this created.” 

“We all love Girl Scout cookies and thought a well-intended, lighthearted post to our social media accounts would be a little way to show our support,” Senn added. “While some have come out against her efforts due to the sales being made near a cannabis dispensary, there has been an outpouring of support from the public nationwide for this young entrepreneur and her creative marketing strategies. Why wouldn’t we support a local girl’s fundraising activities?”

There aren't any regulations when it comes to girls walking around and selling cookies, more so for actually setting up a booth so at its core, it's a community issue. \

What do you think?



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