The 411: Luke & Dierks Out As ACM Awards Hosts

Luke Bryan & Dierks Bentley Out As ACM Awards Hosts

For whatever reason, Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley will not be returning as the hosts of the ACM Awards in April. Dierks has been in Nashville this week for the Country Radio Seminar and ended up confirming the news during a Q&A session saying, "That's over... We got fired. Is that not common knowledge?" His manager later confirmed he was telling the truth. We don't actually know why they were fired or who their replacements will be so I find this entire situation very odd.

Frasier Star John Mahoney Dead at 77

He was the best sarcastic TV dad there ever was. He played the cranky father to Kelsey Grammer & David Hyde Pierce's characters on the NBC sitcom for 11 seasons for which he won a SAG Award and got two Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations for the role. Mahoney passed away Sunday in Chicago while in hospice care for complications from throat cancer. 

Kevin Hart Explains His Bizarre Superbowl Antics

Plenty of confusion surrounded Kevin Hart at the Superbowl on Sunday & now he's blaming it on the hard stuff. The comic tried rushing the Superbowl stage for the trophy presentation after the Philadelphia Eagles won and was quickly denied to which he credits his bold actions to being way too drunk. In a strange twist of events he then randomly appeared on the NFL network to which he proceeded to drop F-bombs on live TV.  He tried explaining himself on Instagram. Kevin is a mess.


First Look At Solo: A Star Wars Story  

Good Morning America gave us our first look at the new Han Solo Star Wars movie hitting theaters in May. here is the first trailer!



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