Kylie Jenner Had Her Baby & I Am SHOOK

So Kylie Jenner upset the universe yesterday by releasing a video chronicling her pregnancy journey over the last 9 months. She's 20, and just gave birth to a baby girl with boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott. They literally were together all of 5 minutes before getting pregnant and never confirmed anything which all played a role in our shock and awe. I have thoughts. Here they are.

1. WHERE WERE THE PAPARAZZI?! You literally had one job. You're honestly telling me you didn't see any member of the family going to and from any hospital in 9 months?

2. We also got a random look at Kimye's newest addition, Chicago. I can semi respect the cross promo.

3. Way to steal Justin Timberlake's thunder. Kylie announced all this hours before the Superbowl and halftime show which honestly was a play straight from Kris Jenner's playbook.

4. Is it weird to anyone else the family is thrilled?

5. Conspiracy theory: this was a PR stunt and very well planned so they could all have babies around the same age.  



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