How Do Your Work Standards Stack Up?

Here are the top 5 reasons millennials leave a job according to new research!

1. The atmosphere and culture of the office (56% said this is a must)

2.  Not having flexible work hours (37% said this is a must)

3.  Not being able to easily take personal/sick days (64% said this is a must)

4.  Not being friends with coworkers or bosses (80% said this is a must)

5.  Ability to work remotely (57% said this is a must)

The study also found millennials job jump far more than other generations.

53% said they've had 3 or more jobs since starting their career.

26% said they start job hunting within 1 year of starting a new job.

The average length of time millennials believe they need to stay in a job is 20 months.

How do your work preferences stack up?



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