The 411 With Francesca: 1/11/18

YouTube Cuts Ties With Logan Paul

YouTube has officially cut business ties with Logan Paul, the massively successful vlogger who has millions of subscribers, due to his video showing the body of an apparent suicide victim while visiting Japan's infamous "Suicide Forest." He's been removed from Youtube's Google Preferred Program plus a hold has been put on all original projects. He did issue an apology however it doesn't appear anyone actually cares. Logan Paul is CANCELLED.


Catt Sadler Responds To E!

So yesterday I told you E!'s network president came out & said the reason Catt Sadler & Jason Kennedy made different salaries was because Jason was focused on prime time evening news and red carpets while Catt was focused in the daytime. GIRL-- Catt is not taking this sitting down! She's responded saying her & Kennedy's responsibilities were "apples to apples." She went on to say, "we came to the network at the same time and did similar jobs." Catt's also pissed Jason Kennedy's wife is chiming in for no reason defending her husband, even though no one is attacking or even talking about him....sit down lady. Silver lining? Catt said she's in talks with lots of powerful women & will be back in the game soon! Catt left E! after 10 years once finding out her co-host Jason Kennedy was making twice her salary. 

Snooki's Husband Dispells Divorce Rumors

You know Snooki from MTV's reality show Jersey Shore and now a quick reboot, Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The reboot kicked off with Snooki packing & leaving which apparently meant she's leaving her husband Jionni, especially because he's decided not to be featured on the show. Jionni dispelled the rumors with a statement on Instagram.


Harvey Weinstein Slapped & Divorced

Rumor has it disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein is in "rehab" in Arizona and the other night while at dinner with his sober coach, some dude approached him and slapped him across the face. Weinstein declined to press charges (probably because literally no one cares) and there's a video! 


In other Harvey Weinstein news, he & his estranged wife Georgina Chapman have reportedly reached a divorce settlement totaling somewhere in the ballpark of $15-$20 million including their  $15-million West Village townhouse in New York and their $12-million Hamptons beach house.


J Lo Returning To Will & Grace!

AHHHHHHHHH J Lo is returning to my fav sitcom ever! So J Lo originally appear on the show as herself back in 2004 before the show's 11 year hiatus. Now she's back for a guest spot not only as herself but the rumor mill says she's also going to appear as her Shades of Blue character Harlee Santos.

If any of this is remotely interesting to you let me know! xoxoxo @francescaonairr



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