Mick Arnold, President of Arnold Packaging

For 91 years, Arnold Packaging has designed, manufactured and distributed packaging materials.

In his 29 years as president, Mick has led the company in tripling the number of employees while increasing revenue 7x. He has brought efficiency to the operation and reduced cost of ownership, just the same as his company does for its customers.

Mick’s primary responsibility is identifying trends in manufacturing and ecommerce distribution and changes in client needs. With that insight, he sets the direction of the company in its constant push forward. He provides the resources the team needs to follow through on the vision, particularly with investments in technology for delivery tracking and customer inventory management.

The newest division, Arnold Automation, works with customers to improve productivity through the use of robotics, vision and AI.

Finally, he makes a commitment to recruiting and training the talent most capable of adapting to the demands of the industry and giving them the support and encouragement to find success and fulfillment in their careers.

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