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Man pelted with hot dogs on $1 hot dog night

Hot dogs against a plain background

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On Tuesday night shower of moderately priced meaty treats rained down on a New York Mets fan during $1 hot dog night, resulting in his removal in the ninth inning of the victory over the Chicago Cubs in Queens.


Mets officials announced that they sold a stadium-record 44,269 hot dogs during the promotion. The Mets announced an attendance of 22,880, meaning they sold about two hot dogs per fan.


One of those fans sported a custom T-shirt, which he wrote on to keep track of his consumed hot dog and beer tally. The shirt read "bad day to be a glizzy" -- referring to the nickname for a hot dog.


Fans started launching hot dogs at him later in the game before several police and security staff went down to his section and escorted him out of the area. He consumed nine hot dogs and 10 beers at the time of his departure, according to his shirt tally.


The man also wore a hot dog hat, in honor of the frank feast.


Mets officials did not respond to a request for comment about the incident.


SNY field reporter Steve Gelbs also relished the opportunity, wearing a hot dog costume during the broadcast. During one of his segments, Gelbs spoke to a group of men who painted the letters for "$1 Weiners" across their chests.


Gelbs also tracked that 102 hot dogs were sold from one register during one half-inning of play.



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