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Biggest SPENDS from country stars!


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If you had a bunch of extra money, what would your first splurge purchase be?  "Taste of Country" put together a great list of country stars and the "indulgent" purchases they made.

The best part is seeing how different the meaning of splurge can be depending on who you ask. 

1.  Chayce Beckham bought a John Deere lawnmower. He said, "I've wanted a ride-on lawn mower since I was a little kid and I was driving back to the house and it was in the back of the truck and I was like, 'I did it.'"


2.  Dustin Lynch bought an airplane. He said, "It doesn't feel real still. I don't have any nice cars or anything, but then I remind myself, 'Dude, you've got yourself a sweet little hot rod sitting in the hanger.'"


3.  Jackson Dean bought a camera. He said, "I bought a little Fuji Film X-S10 and took it out to Stagecoach with me. It has 16 different settings of different film emulators and oh my God, it was awesome."


4.  Parker McCollum said he, quote, "hasn't bought any 'I made it' purchases yet, [but] I always wanted a Corvette Z06 manual since I was a little bitty kid, so I bought one of those."


5.  Lainey Wilson bought a bunch of land. She said, "I did buy me some land on the outskirts of Nashville and I'm planning on doing some stuff to it. Maybe building a barn, maybe buying a few horses . . . getting back to the things that made me, ME growing up."


6. And Luke Combs likes to spend money on watches, but doesn't overdo it. He said, "For the most part, I'm pretty reined in, ya know? I'll go on an Amazon shopping spree every once in a while, get a bunch of canned Gatorade, or something like that."


(Taste of Country)

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