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Berlin Germany is the home of People who identify as dogs it seems

Portrait of a beagle dog

Photo: Anita Kot / Moment / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A pack of dog-identifying humans has prompted calls for “animal control” after footage of their Berlin meet-up went viral.


An estimated 1,000 people who prefer to be recognized as not humans, but canines, organized a gathering at the Berlin Potsamer Platz railroad station in Germany, communicating only by howling or barking at one another.


The unorthodox canine convention follows the viral sensation of Toco the human collie — a man located in Japan who is fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a pooch after purchasing a $14,000 hyperrealistic suit.


Experts have called for a differentiation between “therians,” people who “identify as a creature other than human,” and “furries,” individuals who enjoy cosplaying in animal suits.”



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