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Cottage cheese popsicles is a real thing

cottage cheese on a wooden spoon

Photo: Jaromila / E+ / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

According to at least one food writer and plenty of people on TikTok, you should start making homemade popsicles out of COTTAGE CHEESE.

 I'm here for it because of the end result...

When you blend cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, they wind up with the same consistency and roughly the same flavor as cream cheese but with WAY more protein.

A serving of cream cheese has three grams of protein. Cottage cheese has 12 and Greek yogurt has 23.

And since it's common to use cream cheese in desserts, you can swap the cottage cheese and Greek yogurt blend instead. To make "cheesecake" popsicles, you use those two ingredients, plus sugar and fresh raspberries.

Apparently they're good . . . or, at least, not as bad as a "cottage cheese-based frozen treat" sounds.



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