OH NO! There are WAYYY too many Girl Scout Cookies!!!

There's a Girl Scout Cookies surplus!!

The pandemic caused all sorts of production problems and shortages of everything from toilet paper and hand sanitizer to ketchup and chlorine, it had an opposite effect on Girl Scout cookies.

The Girl Scouts of America says it has a surplus of 15 million boxes of unsold cookies due in large part to the pandemic preventing scouts from holding in-person sales events. And while there were online sales, drive-thru booths and even contactless delivery options, it wasn't enough to make up for the loss of in-person sales.

Because your co-workers / bosses couldn't sell the cookies at work, with a taped up order form on their door and no door-to-door opportunities.

The Girl Scouts typically sell about 200 million boxes of cookies each year. They are now looking into ways to donate the unsold boxes to food banks. (Today)

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