Ever find old Booze in your walls? These people did!!!

A couple restoring a house in Montgomery County, New York, say they were surprised to find what was hidden behind their walls. NickDrummond and his partner, Patrick Bakker, said they purchased the house in Ames as a fixer-upper in 2019. What they found was a bunch of alcohol from the Prohibition era!

The house once belonged to a man named Adolph Humpfner, who died in 1932. It appears that Humpfner was a “childless German baron” who turned to bootlegging in the 1920s when alcohol was banned. He'd stashed the illegal booze in the walls, and passed away without anyone knowing it was there...and it lived behind the walls until now!

The booze was concealed using straw wrapped around the bottles and in total, 66 bottles were discovered, with 13 being full. The owners haven't tried any of it yet but say they plan on pouring a glass soon.

Would you want to taste alcohol from Prohibition-era America? I would certainly try it...although I'm not much of a straight liquor drinker (I usually stick to beer or wine), so I probably wouldn't like it anyway. But I'd want to say I tasted it!

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Photo: Getty Images