Careful! You don't want to swallow your Air pods

A Georgia mother issued a warning to parents who may have given their kids a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds for Christmas. Kiara Stroud says her seven-year-old son accidentally gulped down one of the little ear speakers and ended up in the emergency room. She shared anX-ray imageof the boy's stomach showing the ingested ear piece. 

She says her son was worried he'd get too close to his phone and the AirPod would start playing music in his stomach. Doctors told her to be patient and assured her the AirPod would pass through him naturally.

He's totally fine, so feel free to make jokes. And--I don't have kids, but--isn't 7 a little old to be putting random household items in your mouth? I thought that was more of a baby/toddler thing, no? Anyway, don't eat your earbuds!


Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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