Baltimore Sun Reader not happy Lamar gifted his teammates Rolexes-Opinion?

By now you have heard the story. A reader of the Baltimore Sun criticized Raven QB Lamar Jackson for gifting each of his offensive line a Rolex for a great season. Here is what she said. What do you think? Is she out of line?


The Sun– The holiday season was in full swing, with high hopes for the Ravens, when I read that Lamar Jackson gifted Rolexes to his offensive line. So disappointing that in an age where professional athletes are making an insane amount of money he couldn’t have donated to charities — and done it in the name of his offensive line — then treated his teammates to dinner. Those players can all afford their own Rolexes, so it is very discouraging that someone didn’t give him a little guidance. It just flaunts the amount of money they make and don’t know what to do with. Sorry, Lamar, I am not such a big fan now.

Karen Price

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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