Junior Mint Hot cocoa on Amazon


Tootsie Roll is selling chocolate candy flavored hot cocoa on Amazon! Yes... they come in K-Cup form! You can buy individual flavors of the hot cocoa in 40- or 72-count boxes, which are enough to get you through the holidays, or a hot cocoa variety pack that comes with 40 K-Cups.

According to Delish,

The chocolatey line-up includes several old-school candies we honestly don't see enough of: Tootsie Roll, Charleston Chew, Junior Mints, and Sugar Babies. The Charleston Chew flavors come in vanilla, chocolate, and nougat varieties, while the Sugar Babies has a caramel-chocolate flavor, the Junior Mints a minty flavor, and the Tootsie Roll a classic chocolate taste. Something for every chocolate fan—TYSM, Tootsie Roll.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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