Check out these HACKS for traveling with a Toddler

Traveling can be stressful. If you are doing it with a toddler, it can be extra crazy!!! Planes, trains and automobiles!! These are travel hacks from REAL moms who have lived through it!

  • Bring a bunch of Ziploc bags- They can hold everything from wet bathing suits to snacks.
  • Separate essentials into pouches - Avoid lugging the whole diaper bag around by dividing things into pouches: one for plane activities, one for medical needs, and one for quick airplane diaper changes.
  • If you’re in a different time zone, split the difference- If you’re dealing with a six-hour time change, divide it in half, so your toddler’s bedtime would be three hours off versus six and easier to adjust to.
  • Don’t leave home without distraction snacks- Snacks aren’t just for hunger, they’re a great activity to keep little hands busy on the go.
  • Invest in a portable noise machine- Get one that you can charge or use a white noise app on your phone to give your tired toddler the sleep-friendly environment they need to rest.
  • Pack an iPad holder- It can be hard for little kids to prop up a tablet while watching “Sesame Street,” but a holder that hooks onto the back of the headrest of the seat helps.
  • Bring a change of clothes for you, too- If your kiddo has a blowout or gets motion sick and pukes on you, be prepared with a change of clothes for both of you.
  • A new toy is a great tantrum-diffuser- Anything new can distract and entertain them during a flight or car trip.
  • Painter’s tape works too- It can stick anywhere and kids love to stick it down and then pull it up over and over. You’ll get sick of it WAY before they do.


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