Ready for a 'Walker Texas Ranger" reboot??

If you had Walker, Texas Ranger on your TV reboot Bingo card, congratulations! Deadline reports that the long-running action/crime procedural indeed has a remake in the works. However, don't expect Chuck Norris to return to the title role. The outlet reports that Jared Padalecki--star of The CW's Supernatural and one of Rory's love interests on Gilmore Girls--will not only executive produce the reboot, but is also set to take on the title role. In fact, The CW is reportedly the leading network in the race to land the new show, with CBS--which aired the original Walker from 1993 to 2001--also in talks to become the new show's network home. No word on whether this means Conan O'Brien will likewise bring back his talk show's Walker, Texas Ranger lever.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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