Freaky photo of how CASHEWS are grown!!

If you're trying to be all healthy you eat veggies, you drink water, and you might even have some cashews.. I'll be honest, I don't know if they are healthy but I think so. Well, anyways people are absolutely freaking out about a photo that is going viral on how cashews are grown. When I saw the photo, I did get a little WTF is that kind of look on my face!

According to Delish, a Broadway star by the name of Colleen Ballinger, who is known for her YouTube alter ego Miranda Sings, tweeted a photo showing how cashews are grown. No wonder why it cost an arm, a leg, and third born for a small jar of them.


Now that you've seen the photo you're probably thinking that wasn't so bad. Well, it is that bad and people on Twitter are absolutely losing it! Check out some of the reactions below


I know. Doesn't it change your whole perspective of buying a container of them at Costco? Madness.

I thought the one in the middle had a face for a second and I panicked wow 😮

these are not cashews they are shrunken heads of the poor souls who crossed an ancient witch's path

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Bob Delmont

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