Snack when you need to make a big decision!

f you have to make a big decision, here's some advice: have a snack first.

According to a new study out of Scotland, you make bad decisions on an empty stomach.

The researchers found that when people were hungry, it made them more impatient . . . and they wound up making dumber, more impulsive decisions.

The researchers say, "People generally know when they are hungry they shouldn't really go food shopping because they are more likely to make choices that are either unhealthy or indulgent. Our research suggests this could have an impact on other kinds of decisions as well." 

So there you have it. Never think on an empty stomach!

I'll tell you what, there's not much that I'm willing to do on an empty stomach, as a general bring on the snacks!

[Irish Examiner]

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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