Woman gets trapped in a Porta Potty!!!

This poor woman in Canada recently lived my WORST nightmare! Cecilia Mwalyog was at an airshow over the weekend with her boyfriend, his parents and their 5-month-old daughter. Intense winds forced the event to be cancelled, but before they left, Cecilia decided to use the porta potty or biffy.

According to Global News:

“I felt the wind move it a little bit. As soon as I was trying to sit, the whole thing just went on my back and the door facing downwards and I could feel all the water and everything falling on me. It was gross,” Mwalyoga recalled. “I was screaming my lungs off.”
Her boyfriend and his father scrambled to hoist it up enough for Mwalyoga to crawl out.
“Oh my gosh. It was stinking like crazy,” Mwalyoga said. “It was awful and I’m thinking, ‘All this dirty water on me, am I going to get [a] disease?'”
“I was a mess. My hair had some toilet paper in it and I had blue water, pee water. I saw some needles there. It was gross,” she added.

This is literally my worst nightmare! Check out more of Cecilia's story in the video below or click hereto read more

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