Why Carrie Underwood won't wear a certain type of bathing suit

It’s no secret that Carrie Underwood is really fit, and you’d think she’d be comfortable in all types of swimwear, but apparently she draws the line at a tiny triangle-shaped bikini.

“I feel like with swimwear, growing up in my teenage years, early 20s, I couldn’t wear a triangle swimsuit,” she shared during a launch of her new CALIA swim collection, adding that even now, “I can’t do it, it’s not going to happen. It would never have happened.”

Carrie instead prefers more of a sporty bathing suit, and there are plenty of them in her new line. “I think of myself running after my crazy kids and being at hotel pools, wanting to be cute but also not wanting to worry about things,” she says, adding, “Everything stays where it’s supposed to!”

And while Carrie says her son Isaiah, “loves being in the water,” she doesn’t quite feel the same way. Instead, she likes “being by the water or on the water, not so much in it," adding, "But it’s nice watching him, maybe having a glass of wine by the pool.”


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