Police Officer goes above and beyond

Matt Siltala, a police officer in Orono, Minnesota, drove to an elderly woman's home to do a welfare check. After checking on the homeowner and seeing that she was all right, Officer Siltala noticed that her lawn hadn't been mowed in a long time. The woman told him that she doesn't have anyone to do it.

So the officer started up her mower and cut the lawn for her. Another officer took a photo of Siltala in his uniform mowing the lawn and posted it on the police department's Facebook page.

I just wanted to shout out this officer and ALL of our first responders who go above and beyond every single day. I think there's a LOT of this kind of thing happening in communities all over the US, it just doesn't always get reported. So thank you to the men and women in uniform who work so hard to take care of our community!


Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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