Do you blame your job for your weight gain?

There are all sorts of reasons why people gain weight, but it turns out a lot of Americans blame their office.

A new poll finds that 64% of Americans either work, or have worked in an environment they say was responsible for a decrease in their health and fitness levels, with 90% of people who have gained weight saying their workplace played a big role in them putting on the pounds.

The average American worker has gained 12 pounds working their desk job, with 65% of people saying their job is the main cause of their weight struggle. As for why, 68% admit they practice unhealthy habits at the office, like mindlessly snacking at their desk (51%), and sitting at their desk for too long (48%). And then there are the celebrations, with 35% blaming their weight gain on birthday cake for co-workers.

Another huge factor in workers’ weight gain is stress, with 68% of people saying their job stress has played a role in their weight gain, with 61% admitting they eat badly when they are dealing with work stress. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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Bob Delmont

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