LADIES! Try on lipstick before you buy it thanks to Amazon!

Amazon has added a new feature to help us select the best shade right from our phone or computer.They've teamed up with makeup company L'Oréal on new technology that allows users to try on lipsticks virtually using their device’s camera. So now when you choose a lipstick on the Amazon app or website, you’ll get the option to try now. You can pick the Live Mode, which is a live video try-on using your camera, or you can upload a photo to try it on.

This technology means we can check out trends like neon lipstick from the privacy of our own homes. Plus, since it’s Amazon, we can find that perfect shade and have it in two days. The try me feature is starting with lipsticks, then extending to eye shadows and more products after that, making shopping for makeup online that much easier.


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