Prom Queen at 87


As a teenager eighty years ago, Helen Danis couldn’t afford to go to her high school prom. She says money was tight back then because it was the middle of the depression, so she skipped the big dance, but always regretted not being able to attend. Now that she’s 97, Danis’s granddaughter, Julie Huddon,has been helping her Grammie cross some things off her bucket list and prom was one of them!

Huddon reached out to Pilgrim High School in Warwick, Rhode Island and asked the principal if she and her grandmother could go to the prom together. She got permission and even gave Grammie a promposal asking her to be her date. They got dressed up, went to prom, and danced the night away. The best part: Grammie was named honorary prom queen!

“I feel blessed that I can share some of her memories,” Huddon says. “I’ll always remember this night.”

This made me so happy! And may I say, she looks much younger than 97!


Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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