Game of Thrones Oreos are coming...and so is Winter


Just in time for the final season premiere of Game Of Thrones taking place on April 14th, Oreo is releasing their special themed cookies April 8th according toBustle. We have been waiting for details on these bad boys for a while!

"There arefourdistinct Oreo designs in each package. Three of them feature the sigils of the three Great Houses currently vying for the Iron Throne. The House Stark Oreo depicts the direwolf sigil, the Lannisters, it’s the mighty lion, the Targaryens, it’s the three-headed dragon, and lastly the White Walkers, represented by the Night King’s chilly mug."

Not sure what flavor they are yet but they will obviously embody Game Of Thrones.

"The bag itself is dark, with the names of the Great Houses written across the background in the now-infamousGame of Thronesfont; meanwhile, in the foreground, a lone, triumphant Oreo sits on the Iron Throne."

They will be available for a short time nationwide!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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