Make Money by Spring Cleaning!!!

If you gathered all your unused junk and sold it, how much could you make? A new spring cleaning survey found the average American has 42 unused items in their home . . . and could make $723 if they sold them all.

Women are a little worse about holding on to stuff than men are . . . 48 unused items compared to 36 for guys.

50% of us feel overwhelmed by all the junk we're still hanging on to. And one in five Americans are currently paying for a storage unit to deal with the overflow.

Here are the five most common things people keep but don't use . . .

1. Old clothes. 65% of us have clothing we never wear.

2. Books. 55% of us have a few we'll never read again.

3. Shoes, 48%.

4. Home décor, 45%.

5. Old electronics, 43%. 

(PR Newswire)

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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