Zombies from "Walking Dead" set Photo Bomb Prom photos


I am having major jealousy issues right now because this cute and adorable couple's prom photos were photobombed by zombies from the Walking Dead set! Not sure if it was intentional or not but the photos look insane! The photographer, Stephanie Smith, posted them onFacebookand they are quite the hoot!

"It was just a typical shoot in Senoia. We were hitting all the usual spots for prom pictures,” Smith said. Smith said she found the perfect spot to take the couple’s prom photos and made sure to avoid shooting the wall that had been built around several homesfor the television show ahead of shooting for season 3. But there was one thing they couldn’t avoid.
“Out of nowhere, a group of zombies walked by,” Smith said. 

Again, super jealous!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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