Dance Group of women in Wheel Chairs Inspire Young girls


After getting into a car accident with a friend who was drinking and driving in high school, Chelsie Hill was paralyzed. But she didn’t let being in a wheelchair change her love of dance, she kept doing what she loved from her wheelchair instead of on her feet.

Hill founded the Los Angeles-based group the Rollettes, a dance troupe of women all in wheelchairs. They perform competitively together and hold a dance camp every year, too. Last year they had 115 wheelchair dancers attend, with many young girls who were inspired by seeing what the women do from their chairs and how they can do it too. As interest in the Rollettes expands, they have too and the program now includes guys and boys in wheelchairs too.

"I want to break down the stereotype of wheelchair users and show that dance is dance whether you're walking or you're rolling,” Hill says. "I want people to come into that room feeling so normal, so empowered so that they can go out in the world and conquer anything."

Source: CBS News

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