Bob Delmont's Top 5 Christmas movies!!

My wife makes us watch at least ONE Christmas movie before the big day.  Heck on Christmas Day SOMEONE is playing A Christmas Story right?  I am NOT going to put Die Hard on this list because even though I love the movie it has zero to do with Christmas.  Its a hostage/action movie.  Okay so here we go!

5.   The Santa Clause- Tim Allen is regular joe who is CHOSEN to be St Nick!!


4. Christmas Vacation-  Not my favorite Vacation Movie but always good zany fun with Chevy and the gang for the holidays


3. It's a Wonderful Life- Come on..its a classic.  The cops names were Bert and Ernie, that is where the muppets names came from. Don't you dare watch a colorized version. 


2. Elf- So funny, I mean Will Farrel as big Elf.  Love it. 


1. A Christmas Story- I didn't grow up in the 50's but man I did relate to this movie.  They play it alot!! So its a little crispy for me but still number one.  It BOMBED in the theatres but became a classic on video and TV runs.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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