I Can leave a Voice message on Instagram?


How cool is this?! Instagram just launched a new feature to close out 2018 with - voice messaging through DMs! This is a game changer for real according to Bustle! So instead of voice recording someone via message or leaving a voicemail, you can leave it in Instagram's DMs feature - maybe even voice message your favorite IG stars, artists like Justin Timberlake or John Mayer or hey, even Shawn Mendes - and of course your friends! 

"According to a rep for the social media platform, voice messaging works just like DMs on Instagram do, but instead of typing your message, you record it and send through the platform instead. When you’re ready to record your message, the rep tells Bustle via email, just press down on the microphone icon, say what you gotta say, and then when you release the mic icon, your message will automatically send."

It's a one stop shop app now - GIFs, voice messaging, close friends connection and more! The opportunities are endless to connect with your friends and other people around the world! 

Will you use this new feature?!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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