See Will Smith as the Genie in Aladdin!!

I am a big fan of the Disney movies from my childhood. The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King. And Disney seems to be on a quest to make live-action reboots of every single one. Next year, they are releasing a live-action version of Aladdin starring Will Smith as the Genie. From the start, I wasn't sure how I felt about this.

On the one hand, Disney has a really great track record for making movies that people of all ages really love, but on the other hand, the animated Aladdin is SO iconic, due largely in part to Robin Williams' portrayal of the Genie. He was BRILLIANT. I can't imagine another actor topping that performance. 

Disney has released the first images of Will Smith as the Genie. What are your thoughts? Are you planning to see it?

The Guy Ritchie-directed Aladdin remake hits theaters on May 24th.

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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