Flying for the Holidays? Don't Drink the water..Here is why

Traveling by plane this holiday season? Don't drink the water on the plane! Or the coffee. Or the tea. Here's why. 

A study by the Hunter College Food Policy Center (in New York) found that the water tanks on planes just aren’t cleaned very often. Instead, they are topped off with new water after every flight, which means the water at the bottom isn’t very clean – and has been sitting there for a while. 

Oh, and another study from the EPA found that 12 percent of commercial planes tested positive for fecal bacteria (!!!) in the tap water supply … yep, the same water you use to wash your hands … and the water they use to make coffee and tea. 

Sooo....that's gross. Now, if the water for the coffee and tea is being heated to at least 165 degrees, the germs will die and you're good...but I highly doubt it's being heated up that much...and the plain ol' water isn't being heated up at all. I'm not a germaphobe by any stretch, but I think I'll stick to bottled beverages on the plane!

[Daily Meal]

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Bob Delmont

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