Bob Delmont's Top 5 "Future Things" we should have already by 2019

It is going to be 2019 and darn it there are things we should have. SURE technology has come far, Robot vacuum cleaner and phones you can face time.  Video recorders on your phone but here are some things I thought by now we would have. 

5. Hoverboard- Hey in Back to the Future 2 the year was 2015 and although you can buy these in stores, they don't work like in the movie.  And I don't want one with WHEELS!


4. A Replicator-  NOT a 3D Printer, and actual Replicator like in Star Trek where you ask the computer to make something and it comes out!  Coffee, eggplant parm, hot dog.  A replicator!


3. Laser Guns-  Come on!!  I want to shoot lasers!!  I know there are lasers but its not the same.  Laser blasts out of a gun like Han Solo please!!!


2. Holodeck- Yea I am going back to Star Trek but man they really had it figured out.  Sure VR has really made a leap but I dont want to wear anything on my face. 


1.  Flying Cars-  How do we NOT have flying cars yet????   The best Hovercar scene is from the Total Recall remake

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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