How a Florida man avoids the Tolls!

There's a 70-year-old guy named Robert Davis from Key Largo.  He installed remote-controlled black shields that he could roll down over the license plates on his minivan . . . so he wouldn't have to pay tolls when he went past toll cameras!

And Robert kept getting away with it until about a week-and-a-half ago, when an off-duty Florida Highway Patrol officer randomly spotted the license plate shields in action at a toll plaza.

  Robert was arrested and charged with organized fraud and I guess it was a great idea up until the moment it wasn't. But I have to admit, it's pretty James Bond! I go thru toll roads in Tampa Bay EVERY SINGLE DAY, and I cringe when I add up what that's costing me per year. If I knew I could do this without getting caught, I'd be all about it! lol! 

[Florida Keys News]

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