3,000 Miles apart, Soldier and bet friend reunited


Sean Laidlaw met Barrie when he was stationed in Syria leading a bomb disposal team. Barrie is a dog he found surrounded by rubble after a building had exploded around her. 

Sean brought Barrie food and water, and sectioned off the area so it would be safe. 

After three days she warmed to the soldier. They quickly became inseparable. He even made the dog a harness from a bullet-proof vest. After four months in Syria, Sean was told he wouldn’t be returning to the area. 

Sean got on the phone to War Paws, a charity based in Iraq who specialize in bringing dogs home from war-torn areas, and set up a GoFundMe to raise the money needed to bring Barrie back to the UK. He managed to raise several thousand dollars, but the challenge wasn’t simple. First, Barrie was brought to Iraq, where she was vaccinated and checked over by War Paws. Then she was flown to Jordan in August, where she had to be quarantined for two months.

On Saturday November 3rd, Sean went to Paris so he could meet Barrie at the airport and bring her home. The friends have gone through five countries, two war zones, 3,000 miles, but now they are together. 


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Bob Delmont

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