Tricks your brain plays on you every day


You live your life by the control of your brain but normally you don't think about it - it does the work for you without you realizing it on a daily basis. It tells you to do an action, to look at something, to eat something, or go somewhere. It is your control center.

Yet, your brain regularly plays tricks on you. Did you ever think about that?! According to Bustle, it does!

1. Illusion of Transparency - "The illusion of transparency is a cognitive bias that causes us to overestimate the degree to which other people can read our emotional state," Itamar Shatz, PhD candidate at Cambridge University and author of Effectiviology, tells Bustle. "For example, if you're giving a public talk, the illusion of transparency could cause you to think that the audience can tell how nervous you are, even when that's not the case." 

2. Spotlight Effect - "The spotlight effect [...] causes us to assume that we are being observed and noticed by others more than is actually the case,"

3. Distorts Facts About People We Don't Like - It tricks you to look into people's traits or characteristics or finds some that you just can't stand as an excuse to not like someone or the result of not liking someone. 

4. Makes You Follow Orders 

5. It Makes You Think Like People Around You - makes you adapt to your surroundings

6. Barnum Effect -  "people tend to give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically to them, even though they’re actually vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people,"

7. Social Anxiety - the brain focuses on social cues 

8. Makes You Say Things You Wouldn't Normally Say - aka Freudian Slip

Now take a few minutes to think - have these things affected your life? Have you been tricked by your own brain?!

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