Black Friday Costs!

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According to a new survey, the average American who shops on Black Friday will spend $520. That means they'll shop at an average of three different stores or websites.

The survey, conducted by Slickdeals, polled 2,000 Americans on all things Black Friday and found that not only is Black Friday still thriving, but over half of us will be hitting the actual stores that day.

The survey also found the 10 things people are most excited about buying on Black Friday:


1.  Clothes, 53%.


2.  A laptop, 47%.


3.  A TV, 37%.


4.  Jewelry, 26%.


5.  Toys, 26%.


6.  An iPhone, 25%.


7.  Video games, 25%.


8.  Smart home products, 24%.


9.  Kitchen products, 24%.


10.  An iPad, 18%. 

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