What is Dead Butt Syndrome and Do you have it?

If your job requires you to spend a lot of time sitting...you might have a medical condition called Dead Butt Syndrome. Yep. This is a real thing.

Dead Butt Syndrome – also known as gluteal amnesia – is a real condition caused by sitting for too long. Yep, Americans spend so much time sitting that their butts are falling asleep. “Sitting too long can restrict the blood flow, causing gluteal amnesia, which can lead to hip pain, lower backache and problems with your ankles. The glutes will fail to fire properly even when performing exercises targeting the glutes,” said author and trainer Donovan Green.

According to Kelly Starrett, a physical therapist and founder of Stand Up Kids, your glutes aren’t designed to bear weight for long periods of time. “If you imagine making a panini sandwich where you take high pressure and high temperature and make a grilled cheese, sitting on your glutes all day is a little like this,” Starrett said. Wonder how your boss will feel about you calling in sick with Dead Butt Syndrome? 

I personally spend a lot of time on my rump during working hours...I have almost an hour commute each way, and being in a radio studio basically means sitting down and looking at a computer all day. This is NOT good for the body! I try to take a walk around the building a few times a day, or walk out into the parking lot when the weather is nice. Just a tip!

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