Stay in shape at work!!! Exercises at your desk!


Lots of us work at a desk all day with very little movement involved, aside from our eyes scanning from one open tab to another on our computer screen. According to one downer study, the average American sits from nine to 13 hours a day, so we really need to move more during the work day.

Getting up every hour to stretch a little at your desk can help and if you can manage to get outside and walk around in the fresh air for a few minutes, even better. Not every office or job has that luxury, but there are still tiny workouts you can do in your work space that get you moving and help undo the negative effects of all that sitting.

"There are so many benefits to adding a little movement to your workday," says Karena Dawn, the co-founder of Tone It Up with Katrina Scott. "You'll improve your posture, keep your energy up, and with a few simple exercises, tone right at your desk."

According to the Tone It Up girls, these exercises can be done at your desk and you can modify them so they work for your space.

  • Desk Plank Jacks - Put your hands flat on your desk, step back into a modified plank position, then jump your feet in and out, keeping your back flat. Repeat for one minute.
  • Desk Push-Ups - With your hands flat on your desk, step back into a modified plank position, then lower your chest toward the desk and push back up, keeping your body in a straight line. Repeat for one minute.
  • Desk Tricep Dips - With your back to your desk, place your hands flat on the desk. Lower into a chair position, with your knees bent at 90-degrees and your arms straight. Bend the elbows to get lower, then press back up. Repeat for one minute.

Source: MyDomaine

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