YEP! A Harry and Meghan Ice Cream is here

Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn just created ice cream in honor of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

God Save the Cream is lemon ginger ice cream with housemade pieces of elderflower wedding cake with buttercream frosting and it’s available online in a four-pack called “Keep Calm & Berry On.” 

The four-pack contains two pints of God Save the Cream, a pint of Snap Mallow Pop, the company’s cult favorite, and a pint of Strawberries and Cream, the bride’s favorite berry. It’s $36 and you can order online from Ample Hills.

Inspired by four fetching suggestions in our Royal Wedding Flavor Contest, God Save the Cream is the perfect marriage of lemon and ginger to celebrate the wedding of our Californian princess and her ginger prince. This smooth lemon ginger ice cream is made with pieces of housemade wedding cake inspired by the royal couple’s fairytale flavor combination: victoria sponge cake flavored with St. Germain elderflower liqueur and iced with classic buttercream. Thank you to @lyssie23 for the ‘God Save the Cream’ name, @kadarlikeradar for the irresistible ‘ginger prince’ pun, @alexrqhowru for the ‘Keep Calm and Berry On’ name, and @dakotaskies for being the first (of many) to suggest the couple’s elderflower wedding cake for our mix-in! We couldn’t have done it without you. God Save The Cream is available now for preorder on our website as part of our Keep Calm and Berry On 4-pack which includes one pint of Strawberries & Cream, one pint of Snap, Mallow, Pop and two pints of the royal flavor. And if you’re just looking for a scoop, it will be out in our NY/NJ shops on Monday May 14th. Don’t mind if ‘I Do!’ 👑🍦💍🍦👑#amplehillsroyalwedding #GodSaveTheCream

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