The most awkward moment on TV. This poor guy


I have never, and I mean NEVER have suffered from secondhand embarrassment more than I did watching this video ten times in a row....every time it loops you see something else that makes you turtle more and more into your shirt because you can't look away but you want to. OH I feel so bad for you, Steve. Really I do...there are alarms in my brain going off that this was staged to get more people to watch Price Is Right but honestly, if that's the case then Steve deserves a damn Emmy nomination for this performance because the look on his face when she shuts him down? That's the look of a man who's contemplating his whole life and how he got to that exact embarrassing moment in time.

Question: If you're have to straight up leave the country, change your name, and start a new life, right? Shave your head, change your hobbies, hair color, get a spray tan, wear sunglasses everywhere you go, and pick up some sort of accent, am I wrong? Like there's NO possible chance Steve comes back from this in any way. His friends will play this in front of him for the rest of his life. THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He just got dunked into the friend zone in front of a National television audience and Wayne Brady. I'm getting too worked up again just thinking about it. Here's the lesson, don't be a Steve in life. And if you find yourself in the seats of an audience participation based game show, for God's sake plan ahead of time what you're going to say with each other!

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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