He makes $500 K a month playing VIDEO GAMES


While the rest of us woke up early and schlepped off to work this morning, 26-year-old Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is in his living room playing video games right now, and actually get paid for it. He's getting paid A LOT for it. 

He's a professional gamer and he makes an average of $500,000 a month to play. That adds up to $6 MILLION dollars a year, just to play video games. 

Tyler was a full time student with a part time job, and a gamer in his spare time. But he built a following online of fellow gamers who would subscribe to watch him play...those subscriptions added up, and turned into sponsorships, and led to tournaments...and now Tyler makes a full-time living playing video games at home and getting paid VERY well for it. 

Meanwhile, you're stuck at your boring job while your annoying coworker is heating up 3-day-old fish in the office microwave again. ni

Where did we go wrong?


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Bob Delmont

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