Blues Clues Steve Challenges Jon Cena to a MATCH

A re-boot of Blue's Clues is in the works and they're auditioning new hosts. Rumor where that Wrestler John Cena had thrown his hat in the ring but someone's not happy about it.

Steve, the former host, saw that Cena had auditioned and said "we should wrestle for it", calling out Cena. 


This is the best thing on the internet today!! Can we please make this happen?  I will even Pay-per-view, which I've never done for anything before. Seriously!


Turns out, Cena wasn't auditioning for the part. He was in New York as Nickelodeon pitched to advertisers some of their new content that he's involved in. He just got into the fun with the Blue's Clues attire. The network said he won't be trying out as the host. (adweek)

Bob Delmont

Bob Delmont

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