Do you sometimes wish you had a "Dumb Phone"???

The Light Phone 2, which people have dubbed the “Dumb Phone,” is a tiny, minimalist phone that can only do a few things: call, text, do simple directions, and set alarms. 

Yep, no apps.

According to Light, the company behind the phone, the idea is to get people to put down their phones and actually engage with each other. They want people to leave their Smartphones at homes once in a while and "go light."

I am SO into this. Honestly, if I didn't need a smartphone for work (social media is a big part of this whole radio thing), I would get it. A few years ago, my phone was broken and I couldn't use it for a was the BEST WEEK EVER. I loved being out of contact!

[Business Insider]

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Bob Delmont

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